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Papier Mâché

papier mache parrot box 7_edited.jpg

Papier Mâché 'parrot' box c.1860 

clay gilt tray 6.jpg

Henry Clay Papier Mâché Tray


Papier Mâché Jewel Cabinet c.1850/60 SOLD

Papier Mâché Exotic Bird Tea Caddy c.1840/60 SOLD

Papier Mâché Table Top Cabinet SOLD

Papier Mâché Tea Caddy SOLD

Henry Clay Bread Basket c.1790

Papier Mâché Cabinet with landscape of Gothic ruin SOLD

Jennens & Bettridge Papier Mâché Writing Box SOLD

Papier Mâché Writing Slope SOLD

Papier Mâché Regency 'shells' Cabinet SOLD

Papier Mâché Jewellery Cabinet c.1850/60 SOLD

Papier Mâché Workbox c.1850/60 SOLD

Large & splendid Papier Mâché Tray c.1815/30 SOLD

Papier Mâché Thermometer c.1850/60 SOLD

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