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Papier Mâché Workbox

  c.1850/60 English  

Dimensions: height: 16cm; length: 35cm; Depth:30cm . 

Price: SOLD


 It is unusual to find a workbox with its fully fitted interior intact - this is such a box. It is a fine example of the art of papier mâché. The lid lifts to reveal a compartmentalised top layer. Under this is a deep compartment, lined with the original paper.  To the underside of the lid is a pocket covered in deep green watered silk. a Mother-of Pearl button sits in the centre and there is a matching Mother-of-Pearl fitting at the top to hold the pocket in place.  The hinges are original.  The lid decoration is superb and highly charming.  On one side is a vase full of flowers and opposite a cascading weeping willow of Mother-of-Pearl.  The front of the box has a delicate and light floral garland which is particularly delightful.    A really charming piece.


 (Reference: 626)


Condition: Very good overall, especially in its original features.  There has been a repair close to the key hole and some work at the back which looks historic. None of this detracts from the luxurious feel of the piece. 


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