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Very Large  & Splendid Papier Mâché Tray


Dimensions: 76cm x 56.5cm

Price: SOLD


This is a fantastic example of early papier mâché and on a pretty massive scale! The simplicity and elegance of this design would seem to date the tray to the earlier period of papier mâché production.  There is no Mother-of-Pearl or elaborate use of flowers and overpainting; simply the deep rectangular shape and the shades of burnished gold of the leaves which drift across the border as if blown by a gentle Autumn breeze.  This tray is about 200 years old, although it could easily be a contemporary design and as such would look fantastic in a period or modern home as a true 'Design Classic'. A gorgeous piece of art and design.


 (Reference: PM Tray)


Condition: Overall condition very good.

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