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Papier Mâché Tea Caddy

  c.1850/60 English  

Dimensions: height: ; length:  cm; Depth: cm. SOLD


An unusual 2 compartment tea caddy in that the exterior decoration sits on a soft green burnished ground, rather than the more usual black. This treatment is reminiscent of the lacquer work of China or Japan in the 18th and 19th centuries. The sun in the photographs does bleach this effect out a little - apologies! The decoration is flamboyant and free, featuring an oriental 'fancy bird' and a profusion of English garden flowers: roses, passion flowers, bluebells and convolvulus. The key is original, as is the lock and both work.


(Reference: 593ii)


Condition: Extremely good exterior and structurally strong.   Missing lids to internal compartments.


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