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Papier Mâché tray by Henry Clay,

18 King Street, Covent Garden

  c.1785-1800 English  

Dimensions: length, 61cm.  Price: £1,495


An amazing survival from Henry Clay's famed 'japanning' studio, frequented by Royalty, (he was 'japanner to the Queen' and Prince of Wales),  the aristocracy and wealthy, fashionable society of the day. Clay moved to King Street, Covent Garden, from Birmingham in 1785.  He died in 1812, at the very top of his craft and a rich man, leaving a fortune of £80,000 - a very great sum of money in 1812.  

This tray is delicate, elegant and a simply lovely, rare object.  


  (Reference: 1117)

Condition: There is some rubbing to the gilded decoration as can be seen in the photographs. A few very minor nibbles, sensitively restored.  Generally in exceedingly good condition for a piece of this nature. 

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