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Papier Mâché Jewellery Box

  c.1850/60 English  

Dimensions: height: 20cm; length: 19cm; Depth:16cm .  SOLD


A superb example of a small Papier Mâché table top cabinet. This piece is intended for jewllery or small collectors' items. The door opens to reveal 5 sliding drawers, inlaid with shell and with Mother-of-Pearl flower knobs. The Mother-of-Pearl inlay on the lid shows a dove in a floral bower, which is delightful. The front and sides have panels of floral bouquets and gilding.  The lock and key are original are working.  A really charming piece.  (Reference: 391)


Condition: Excellent: no losses or replacements. One drawer handle has been replaced but to match in well with originals. 

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