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Papier Mâché Writing Slope 


Dimensions: across when closed, 31cm.  SOLD


This writing slope is highly unusual with its illustration of the exotic bird, to the front. It is reminiscent of Worcester's 'fancy birds' on 18th century porcelain.   The photograph doesn't show it very well, but the red and green of the bird are almost irridescent. The floral painting is also flamboyant and fantastical. Inside the slope, we see a red velvet skivver, which does show wear, but is the original. There is a richly painted lid which reveals a letter compartment beneath.  The lid to the pen compartment is original and there is a bottle for ink.  The key is original and works.   (Reference: 565)


Condition: Overall condition good, with some superb painting. Minor and expected wear elsewhere.

Please click on individual images to show detail. 




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