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19th and 20th Century Porcelain, Pottery & Faience

Spode violet pots.JPG

Spode Violet Pots . Pattern 1166 and 1709

c. 1815/20

New Hall Punch Bowl c.1815

Italian Majolica Dish. 1884.


Barr, Flight & Barr. c.1810

Spode Pot Pourri  

Pattern1166 c.1825 SOLD

DERBY Floral Encrusted Scent Bottle c.1820 SOLD

Flight, Barr & Barr Plate c.1820 SOLD

Spode Jug & Bowl c.1815 Pattern 1943

A Pair of Floral Trumpet Vases ,(Charles Bourne) c.1825 SOLD

A Pair of Coalport Briar Rose Sweet Dishes c.1825 SOLD

Spode 'Bacon' Service Tureen c.1812/13 SOLD

Spode Vase Pat.2575 SOLD

Porcelain Plaque c.1840 SOLD

Spode pattern 1166 Pot Pourri SOLD

Spode pattern 2246 Trio SOLD

Chamberlains Worcester Sweet Dish SOLD

Magnolia Porcelain Casket c.1880/1900 SOLD

Hicks & Meigh (1806-22) SOLD

Ridgway Dessert Service c.1825/30

Pattern 1079 SOLD

Emille GALLé faience jardinere c.1900 SOLD

Davenport Cabaret Service

Ex. Zorensky Collection. c.1870 SOLD

DERBY- A Pair of Scent Bottles c.1820 SOLD

DERBY Floral Encrusted Pot Pourri c.1830 SOLD

Floral Jug c.1860 SOLD

Ridgway Part Dessert Service Pattern 1041 c.1825/30 SOLD

Daniel Cusped Dish c.1824/5 SOLD

DERBY Floral Encrusted Pot Pourri c.1830 SOLD

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