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Spode Dolphin Pot Pourri pattern 1166 

c.1825/30   Dimension: 16.5cm in height. Price:£1,350

Perhaps the most famous and expensive of Spode's patterns, 1166, produced at the height of their glory in the 1820/30s. This Pot Pourri is on a triform base, supported by 3 gilded classical dolpins - like the great fountains of Rome! The Pot Pourri itself is decorated in a riot of the most sumptuous floral painting imaginable. It is one of Spode's most skillful and technically advanced pieces. Pattern 1166 remains highly sort after by porcelain collectors, especially those of Spode. 


Condition: There is restoration to the lid, (as is often the case with pot pourris), but as I hope you can see from the photographs, this does not detract from the piece's wonderful display.  The body is excellent elsewhere. (Reference: 561)


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