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DERBY Scent Bottles - A Pair 

  c.1820. Dimension of each bottle: Height: 13cm, width: 7cm  SOLD


This pair of Derby scent bottles is thoroughly charming.

The floral painting is superb and the gilding of fine quality. Derby at its most naturally lovely.


Condition:   One scent bottle is in excellent condition, (that with the rose and tulip) and the price for this pair is calculated on the basis of this bottle and its companion as a display partner.  The second bottle has been restored to the base and although this is only visible at close inspection, it is a fault.  The pair do look super together and it would be a shame to have one without its partner.


 (Reference: Derby scent pr)


Provenance: the Cordwent Collection. Illustrated in 'Derby Porcelain 1748-1848', by John Twitchett, page 231.





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