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Linda Weir, 1951 - 

'Spring Morning, St.Ives Harbour, Preparing the Boats'. 2012. 

Oil on board. Signed and dated. 

Image 19x55cm.  framed 38x74.5cm

(Reference: LC) Price: £1,550


A work of movement, colour and light. It captures the joy and industry of a Spring Morning.


Linda Weir was born in Manchester in 1951. She took a Fine Art Degree at Nottingham Trent University and went on to teach.  Weir paints in the Northern Realistic Tradition of Lowry and Fred Yates.  She moved to St. Ives in 2000 and paints her views of the industrious harbour from life, either outside or from the panoramic window of her house.  Linda Weir terms her paintings to be, “modernist, expressionistic oil paintings about colour, pattern, form, movement and texture... I work towards poetic expression”. In 2012 she exhibited at the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition. 


Her work is increasingly collected, especially by enthusiasts for Lowry and Yates.




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