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Giuseppe Bacci. Italian (1921-).  

 Works on paper. Signed. 

Images each: 50x35cm

Sold Framed

Prices: range from £500 to £2,000 depending on individual piece

(may be subject to 4% Artist's Resale Right*)

(Reference: Bacci)


Giuseppe Bacci was born in Bologna in 1921. He began to work as an illustrator after the war in 1945. Bacci's first important work was for 'The Adventures of Pinocchio', 1952.  He worked for a diverse range of companies during his career including, Ferrari, Aqua di Parma, (the scent famously worn by Audrey Hepburn and Carry Grant); Cartier, Ducati, Maserati, Alfa Romeo, opera and jazz. Giuseppe Bacci always signed his work: Gius Bacci.


Each of these works shows mastery of line and image.  Some are painterly in approach, others reduce the subject to a couple of sinuous stylised lines.  He particularly excels at communicating speed and rhythmn. The inventiveness and range of style of this artist is quite phenomenal and we are excited to be able to show a collection of his work.



[Notes: Artist's Resale Right - This is a sum of 4% paid on works of living artists and those who have deceased less than 70 years ago. It is collected by the Artist's Collection Society and is payable on all works over the value of 1000 Euros or equivalent in the currency of purchase. For more information visit]

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