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Enrico Baj. Italian (1924-2003). 'Woman' 

Lithograph. Signed and numbered: XXII/L. 

 Framed 61.5x68cm

(Reference 534i) SOLD


This depiction of ‘Woman’ is one of unleashed and unrestrained JOY.  It is magical in its exuberance and natural lust for life: a wonderful evocation of womanhood.


Enrico Baj was born in Milan on 31st October 1924. He became a painter, writer, sculptor and graphic artist. He was central in the avant-garde artistic movement in the 1950s and met issues of his time without compromise, from Nuclear War to Silvio Berlusconi.


Baj studied at the Brera Academy where he took a law degree whilst simultaneously studying Art in Milan.  In 1951, he co-founded the ‘Nuclear Art Movement’, making reference to fears of ‘annihilation’. From 1955 Baj began making collage involving highly patterned backgrounds, bitterly satirising the powerful, especially the military with a series of enjoyable Generals. He was close to the pioneers of Surrealism and Dada, having important friendships with Man Ray, Marcel Duchamps and Max Ernst.  With Duchamps he worked on a provocative version of the Mona Lisa.


Baj’s publications include: Kiss Me, I’m Italian, (1997). He had five children from two marriages.



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