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Enrico Baj. Italian (1924-2003). 'General' 

Artist's Proof printed in colours. Lithograph. Signed. 

Image: 38x54cm. Framed 64x82cm

(Reference 534ii) SOLD


This work is an example of  Baj’s famous Generals. It is enjoyable, colourful Satirism, layered with pattern and wit and reference to Picasso, by whom Baj was greatly influenced.


Enrico Baj was born in Milan on 31st October 1924. He became a painter, writer, sculptor and graphic artist. He was central in the avant-garde artistic movement in the 1950s and met issues of his time ithout compromise, from Nuclear War to Silvio Berlusconi.


Baj studied at the Brera Academy where he took a law degree whilst simultaneously studying Art in Milan.  In 1951, he co-founded the ‘Nuclear Art Movement’, making reference to fears of ‘annihilation’. From 1955 Baj began making collage involving highly patterned backgrounds, bitterly satirising the powerful, especially the military with a series of enjoyable Generals. He was close to the pioneers of Surrealism and Dada, having important friendships with Man Ray, Marcel Duchamps and Max Ernst.  With Duchamps he worked on a provocative version of the Mona Lisa.


Baj’s publications include: Kiss Me, I’m Italian, (1997). He had five children from two marriages.



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