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Late C19th/early C20th Indian Ornately Carved 'Palace' Shelves 

length: 95cm x 104cm height

(Reference : indian 'temple' shelves) Price: £3,850


A truly fabulous piece of Indian carving. Hardwood shelves on two tiers. The first tier displays two outer complex foliate panels, flanking two panels of figures, the first a man and the second, a monkey deity.  These are placed under a colonade with supporting pillars, reminiscent of the architecture of Northern Indian.  The colonade provides the space for the first shelf.  The second tier has one long, galleried shelf with two small carved brackets above. In the centre is a fabulously carved palace window with dome.  This is an astonishing piece of artistry. 


Two sets of mirror plates to the back, ready to hang.  

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