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Regency Gilt and Cold Painted Bronze Candelabras by Cheney - A Pair.  c.1820

Dimensions: approximate height: 30cm, across: 22cm. Price: The Pair: £2,500


An excellent pair of fine Regency Candelabras.  On each, a detachable fluted sconce sits above cut glass drops and lustres.  These are supported by serpent scroll arms, a basket of fruit, with griffin monopodia and lions' paw feet. All lustres and drops present. 

I have taken photos of these both in and outdoors so they can be seen in different lights and aspects. They are an elegant, glamorous and completely stunning piece of Regency artistry and skilled workmanship. 



 (ref: regency griffin lustres)

Please click on individual image to see detail and 'show more' for further photographs.  

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