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Bohemian Ruby Glass Lustres - A Pair. Bohemianc.1890/1900 


Dimensions: height approx. 25.5cm 

Fantastically glamorous pair of lustres. Original condition. This pair of lustres is made with ruby glass, overlaid in white and handpainted with floral cartouches. Ruby glass is the most expensive to create as is uses gold in the production process: so ruby glass is always more expensive than any other colour. The true beauty of these lustres is as they catch and relfect and refract the light as natural light moves through the room: a moving work of art. The lustres are hand-cut so although they are all they same design, some vary slightly. There is minor rubbing to the gilding, where they have been handled and cared for over 100years+. A minor blemish to the rim of one lustre does not detract from these wonderful objects. (ref:486)

Please click on individual image to see detail.  

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