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Benjamin D. Sigmund (fl.1880-1904). 'On the Lynn' 1884 

Watercolour. Signed and dated. 

Image 54x38.5cm. In Gilt frame and original gold mount. 74x59.5cm

(Reference 537) Price: sold


A delightful and skilful painting, celebrating the British countryside in summer. This detailed work evokes a pastoral idyll of children with all the wonders of the natural landscape in which to explore and grow.  It has everything: landscape, water, figures, architecture, charm and skill, all defined by the bright, golden edges of the high summer grasses.


Born in St. Luke’s, Middlesex in 1857, Sigmund lived in London and Maidenhead.  He travelled widely within England and Wales and was particularly fond of Devon, Cornwall, Wales and Buckinghamshire. Sigmund was a painter of genre and landscape, typified by the depiction of gentle figures, (often children), at ease within the beauty of the British Countryside.


Exhibited at the Royal Academy, 1880-1903; including ‘On Exmoor, near Lynton’, 1886 and ‘By Willowy Streams’, 1888. Also at Society of British Artists, Suffolk Street and the New Watercolour Society.



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